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Centro Histórico de Cartagena de indias, Colombia

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Villa de Leyva, Colombia

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Carnaval de Barranquilla, Colombia


Sulit Experiences ® is an innovative brand, specialized in the design of personalized travel experiences, luxury services, corporate events, and social events, created for the fearless who seek to make a difference, with a different and, above all, conscious proposal.

Sulit is a lifestyle, and our purpose is to help you find it so that you can live it to your own pace, enjoying the best Colombia and the world have to offer.

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At Sulit Experiences you can explore new places and experiences with the help of a professional, specialized and highly experienced team; ready to offer you the best option according to your tastes and characteristics.

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Because living a Sulit lifestyle means that there is no “NO” in our vocabulary when fulfilling dreams. We love being by your side, connecting with you and taking you to achieve what you most desire.